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Sanyang Textile Co.,Ltd.

San Yang Textile Co., Ltd.

Add: NO.106, Liqi Rd. Lijin County, Dongying City, Shandong Provice, China    
URL: www.ccaavv.com

About us

San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is a joint-stock enterprise with 45,0000 spindles combing spinning and 400 sets of air jet loom, which is a main production capacity of large textile group. San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. has 5 subsidiary companies, which owns equity worth RMB20 billion , 2,500 employees; It also establishes branches in different provinces & abroad and formed 5 marketing division to manage 20 offices. Overseas markets throughout Europe, United States, Japan, Korea and other countries. 

The company adheres to the strategic orientation of high-end outward. On hardware side, we configure Switzerland, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and other international top technical equipment; establishment of a state owned Technical Center and the International Assured Uster lab. It configures the full complement of Switzerland Uster five test equipment, the introduction of United States cotton company EFS with cotton system to ensure product quality stability. On software side, the company in response to the financial crisis during the differentiation of a series of reforms that promote patterns and mechanisms of constantly upgrading, enabling help enterprise passed the most severe ordeal. 

According to the "production a small amount of product, service a small number of customers" product positioning, the company mainly produces high count cotton combed yarn, compact yarn and high-grade fabric, is committed to the "High-Strength, White Guarantee" research and promotion, the production of tenacity yarn and white guarantee yarn with the industry's relatively high visibility; The SUPIMA tag is launched in 2009’ and majority of our customers are unanimous of it. For several years, we have received an award such as "The Agricultural Development Bank Most Valuable Customer" and "China Cotton Textile Industry Most Competitive Top 20 Enterprises"; in combed yarn products have received "China Famous Brand" award.

San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. always persists in "Service High-End, Trend-Setting", "Differentiation and Intensive" as development ideas. We constantly promote industrial upgrading and management upgrading, and try to be one of the high-end textile enterprises in China.


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